Review: Pink Slipper by Gina Robinson


Pink Slipper by Gina Robinson is a fun read – especially if you got the pink slip and are at odds with the world. I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this book. Although the ‘pink’ in the title might suggest that this is a girlie book, its anything but! Anyone who has ever been jobless and on the hunt for the next job will relate with the characters in this book.

pink slipper

Leesa has the short end of the stick. She loses her job and her house has burned down, forcing her to live with her dad. Daddy wants her to go work for him. Sis is doling out all kinds of advice. Godmother wants her to go to a ‘Greatness’ seminar. Leesa makes friends with a street artist and some other unemployed dudes who give her a respite from the drama at home. Her insurance agent, an ex, is creating all kinds of hurdles for her claim settlement. Will Leesa finally get a job, and get her renovations done?

Pink Slipper has lots of LOL moments. I loved the ‘updates’ Leesa keeps for the government in return for getting unemployment benefits. In this economy, you may very well find yourself pink slipped, but Pink Slipper will pull you up from the bootstraps and get you going.


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