Review: For Love of Livvy by J. M. Griffin

For Love of Livvy is a mystery that packs in some humor and adventure, and is a light read. It is the story of how Vinny solves the mystery of her aunt Livvy’s unexplained demise. Throw in great food, and two super hunks and this is a super read. An added bonus? This book is often free on Amazon. Which is good news for readers like you and me!

For Love of Livvy

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Lavinia or Vinny is a criminal justice instructor living in a small town in Rhode Island. She just inherited a large colonial house when her aunt Livvy passes unexpectedly. None of the authorities are willing to share what they think about it. A strange package left at the doorstep turns out to be full of precious stones. A Rock like stud moves in as Vinny’s tenant. Another cop is on her tail; is he trying to protect her or does he suspect her? Vinny and friend Lola scout around looking for clues, against the advice and wishes of every male around them. Vinny is really eager to find out what really happened to her aunt, even if it means unearthing some unpleasant truths about her.

For Love of Livvy has enough intrigue to please mystery fans, and enough fun moments to fill in as a light entertaining read. This book is often free for Kindle so grab it when you can. I am looking forward to reading more exploits of Vinny Esposito, woman sleuth!


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