Forget Me Knot by Mary Marks: Review

Forget Me Knot is an apt title for this fast paced mystery book from Mary Marks that gives new meaning to the cozy mystery genre. Martha Rose is a 60 something single woman and expert quilter who stumbles onto a dead body and won’t rest until she gets to the bottom of it.

forget me knot review

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Martha Rose is a divorced California woman who has a painful condition. She pops pills when she can’t cope with the pain, and relies on her Jewish roots to overcome most of the curve balls life throws at her. She has a sweet tooth and a daughter living far away. Martha, Lucy and Birdie are close friends and meet every week to create their quilts. They are experts in their own right, and are surprised when a well known award winning quilter who is much younger wishes to join their group. They find her murdered when they go to meet her. Now begins a whole mysterious set of circumstances. The dead woman’s quilts are stolen along with some of Martha’s and Lucy’s. The women realize that although she was rolling in money, the dead woman did not lead a happy life. They surmise that she was trying to tell a story through her quilts.

Martha teams up with the dead lady’s mother and tries to avoid her overbearing father. The hard headed detective on the case stirs Martha’s hormones and she tries to look good for him, but also finds him exasperating. Martha’s life is also in danger when her house is ransacked and she is threatened. But her resilience shines through and she slowly unearths the different threads of the dead woman’s life, which begins to seem more unsavory each day.

Forget Me Knot has a lot of layers, just like the quilts its leading lady is fond of making. There is an obvious play on words here, but as you read further you will realize how deep that play is. The whole art of quilting sounds so intricate, and the friendships the women have built over the years over the course of this hobby make me want to take up quilting. I learned a lot about a subject I knew nothing about and that counts a lot in my book.

The whole romantic angle is something I cannot understand at this stage in life. Can a senior woman really find her heart aflutter and begin thinking about what to wear and how she looks on meeting an attractive man? I don’t know. The mystery when it unravels is not very pleasant and I wondered if it was necessary to have all those things wrong. I cannot be specific without spoilers, but the truth when it is revealed makes this not quite a cozy story.

I loved reading Forget Me Knot and look forward to reading other exploits of Martha Rose. This is a must read for all mystery lovers.



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